• VBA4C with Virtual Doula Support & Fearless Birth Coaching

    “Kathryn was my doula with my 5th & last baby. When I found [out] I was pregnant, I immediately knew I wanted a VBAC!!! Having 4 prior c-sections, I knew I wanted something different!! From our first encounter, she was amazing, she gave me so much confidence & was so affirming! She helped me work through my fears & always pushed me to think positive!! Because of her, I found inner strength-I didn’t know I had!! And I had my VBA4C!! She is absolutely amazing!! I love her life ❤️”

  • Desired birth with Virtual Doula Support

    “Thanks for all your great advice & support. You really helped me out when I was struggling. God put you in my life at the right time!”

  • Free birth after completing The Spirit Work Course

    “The course helped me to acknowledge my fears, put God first and believe that this is how he designed labor and birth to be, and to remove all the beliefs I had that I was holding onto about my own body. I freebirthed my baby and I would like to thank Kathryn for helping be apart of my journey❤️”

The Pure Doula Podcast

available on Apple & Spotify-TPDP covers all the things your OB never told you. Home birth stories, hot takes, business & more.

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  • We trust women and birth over here

    “Kathryn is real, genuine, & trusts birth..so if that’s your thing you’ll want to listen to this podcast. So much quality content here! 5 stars all the way 🤍” -Mik

  • Best podcast!!

    “This is the best podcast about birth and pregnancy on the internet! My wife and I love listening and she has learned so much valuable info. It has helped relief all her stress about child birth! 10/10”-Red Pill Rooster

  • Great info

    “As a nurse my eyes have slowly been opened through experience and information like this. I realized it’s something everyone should have and be open to, Kathryn is very knowledgeable and connecting.”-PaNiro