about Kathryn

I am living proof that Fearless Birth Coaching works. 

As a former model since a very young age, entertainer, reality tv appearance-er & simply around celebrities very often-I became a product of my environment. 

I only viewed my body as for the pleasure & looks. 

I was grossed out & TERRIFIED of pregnancy & birth. 

I was grossed out by breastfeeding. I was that girl who just sexualized my body and was so disconnected from God & who I truly was. 

I was known from NYC to Vegas as the unhealthy, party girl who was terrified of ever getting pregnant & giving birth. Who only cared about my looks & could never “ruin my body”

As a young teen, I was hospitalized & told I most likely would never be able to have children. Looking back, I masked the grief of being told that with disgust & fear. 

I was easily persuaded to fall into the trap of party girl, model who would never ruin her body for something like that. I owned the fact that I’d be the fun, rich, child-less auntie. 


When I reached my late 20s, the desire kept popping up. 

I was addicted to drinking & partying & used that to cope

As close friends & even family members were having babies, I kept my distance

It wasn’t until I met my husband, in my early 30s, that EVERYTHING changed. 

Including myself. 

I quit drinking & partying. I found God and my views on women, myself, family, babies, ALL CHANGED!

My husband has always been a health nut & personal trainer, so he got my health on track. 

We fell in love instantly & knew we wanted to marry & have a family. 

We got pregnant but sadly, had a miscarriage. 

It hurt. 

We prayed & prayed

I realized, God was preparing me. Protecting me. Because not only was my body still not ready to carry a baby, my mind & spirit needed a lot of work. 

So, we kept our new lifestyle of eating mostly carnivore, exercise daily, reading the Bible & living our new life together. 

We got pregnant the following summer. 

I didn’t accept the fact right away, because I was scared to be let down. 

But, as the severe morning sickness carried on throughout mostly, if not all, the first trimester-I knew, ok this is it!

Once the second trimester began, I got to work

I researched & read about our bodies, babies, pregnancy, labor & birth every single day. From morning to night. 

As a former life coach, I knew I had to use what I learned-to coach myself through all of my fears


Well, one thing I learned was how fear will LITERALLY stall labor. 

I wanted a natural, vaginal birth-so I knew I had to get rid of my fears. 

My fears of labor pain, the birth process, if something were to go wrong, all the intrusive thoughts…

And I did it

I even started informing & coaching pregnant women while I was pregnant! 

As the end of pregnancy crept up, I was getting more & more excited about it. About it being my turn. To experience such a beautiful & transformative moment. 

I became so obsessed with birth. 

I had 2 virtual doulas during my labor, birth & postpartum. 

That’s when it hit me

If I can go through such a huge transformation around birth, any woman can. 

I need to support other women. 

So, I created Fearless Birth Coaching & used allll the tools to coach other women through their fears. (It works!)

During the first few months of the postpartum period, I studied my behind off & got certified as a doula. 

It is truly my calling

Now, I’m here to support you. To coach you. To be your birth bestie (I even made the t shirt lol). 

My entire life is proof that whatever you desire, you can achieve. But, especially my growth from being terrified of birth, to being a birth worker

It has now been 2 years of me coaching & supporting women. 

You can have the birth of your dreams

I got you, boo. 


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