fearless birth coaching

Different from a doula-as your birth coach, I will coach you to overcome your fears of birth.

Coach you to become aligned.

Aligned with who you see yourself as.

Aligned with birth.

Not fear.

Fear is very powerful. But what if you discovered you are more powerful?

Fear stalls labor. But what if you discovered faith to support labor?

Since I could remember, I was terrified of birth

It wasn’t until I became pregnant & did all the work-that I figured out how to identify each fear, work through it & overcome it

To then-be excited, full of faith, to birth

couldn’t wait until it was my turn to birth.


I’m here to be your coach

Walk with you through this journey

Go from fearful to faithful

We will lean into each other so you can lean into faith & exit fear

We will have 6 Zoom calls

1 hour each

a week

Where we dig, identify, get detailed, go through it, discover, come out the other side

Leaving the fear & walking in faith

This will rid you of your fear

This is the birth prep no one talks about

This is the birth prep that will give you the most support

Let’s do this.

we will focus on all fears you have around pregnancy & birth 

where they stem from

how to overcome them

fear being an energy & currency

people pleasing = fear

forgiving your past/people in your past

envisioning what your dream birth looks like & who that woman is

aligning with that

being supported

& coming out the other side..!