get in the mood for birth

You’re ready to get your mind right. You did all the birth prep classes, learned what your body does. Learned tips on how to physically handle the “pain”. Got a birth ball. Thinking of a water birth.


You’re missing this one thing.

The most important birth prep is fully preparing the mind. Getting real and raw. Acknowledging & addressing the fears head on. Realizing you have limited beliefs about birth. Identifying the programmed thoughts of birth.

You want to stop overthinking, over analyzing, feeling the need of control, anxious, nervous.

You want to get in the mood.

The mood of birth will support birth like no other. Yes, it’s empowering to know what exactly your body is doing. What baby is doing.

But-if you’re not in the mood, your body won’t do the things. Baby won’t engage. The mind is so very powerful & is what runs things.

If you’re here, you’re exactly who this is for. You want to do the deep work. The deep birth prep.

Unleash your inner feminine power, tap into your God given ability. You’re tired of hearing all the noise, the negativity that many relate birth to. You see women who LOVE giving birth & your instincts are screaming at you that YOU can love it too.

You’re in the right place. 

what are the mamas saying

”…I feel way more confident…it really does matter.”

”thanks for all your great advice & support. You really helped me out when I was struggling. God put you in my life at the right time!”

”you’ve been getting me through it!”

”thanks to you, I have started typing up my birth plan.”

”you really inspired me to make my birth plan. Can’t believe I never did one before!”

”from our first encounter, you were amazing…gave me so much confidence & are so affirming! You helped me work through my fears…because of you, I found inner strength I didn’t know I had! And I had my VBA4C!”

”helped me to acknowledge my fears, put God first & believe that this is how He designed labor and birth to be. To remove all the beliefs I had that I was holding onto about my own body.”

”stuff I wish I knew with my first pregnancy that I had no idea of & ended up traumatized. You bring back the purity in birth.”

“I couldn’t have done it without all your support & encouragement!”

what’s inside

It’s all about the mood.

The mood is desire…

Welcoming, surrendering, excitement, empowered, fearless, confident, intuitive, boundaries…

Why they best support birth. To keep the oxytocin flowing.

Why the feelings of need, uncertainty, controlling, shrunken, fearful, insecure, people pleasing all stall birth.

I go over each mood. Each feeling. And how each one either supports or stalls labor.

meet Kathryn

My name for those who don’t know already is Kathryn Butler. I still have to change my last name since getting married lol.

I’ve been in the online coaching space since 2017. I started coaching small business owners on ways to market & utilize social media. In 2019, I then switched to coaching women specifically to make money on social media & other platforms.

In 2020 when I was 33, I met my now husband & changed my lifestyle completely. I used to always be a “hustler”, working in night clubs. Training many women along the years to do the same.

But, my husband brought me to God & I realized that wasn’t a way of life for me anymore. I was living in the masculine energy, thinking I was doing amazing women empowerment coaching & work.

But I was never truly happy.

I thought I was going to be forever single with no children. I was absolutely terrified of pregnancy & birth. Since a young age. I viewed my body as just a way to make money. Being a model since a child as well (I did a lot in my time lol), I was conditioned to never “ruin” my body-it’s for entertainment or pleasure. I didn’t have time to be a mom because I thought I had to constantly hustle and work 24/7.

That all changed mid 2020. I realized wife life & becoming a mama was the ultimate blessing. That I could still coach & support women but in a true feminine sense. Using & unleashing feminine energy.

I took a break from any kind of online work. It took time to truly become aligned with my calling.

Come 2021-I got pregnant & it all aligned. It all made sense. I had a download that-ok. This is it. You got to get through your fears. Your limited beliefs. Break the programming. You need to fall in love with birth. Before even giving birth.

So, I got to work. I used the coaching skills I learned throughout the years to discover, address, welcome, breakthrough & come out the other side of it all. I quickly realized how major this type of birth prep was. I knew it was my calling. While still pregnant, I had other pregnant women hitting me up to coach them through their fears! It was so fulfilling. So powerful.

The techniques supported those women to go on to have the birth they desired. I couldn’t wait until it was my turn to give birth! Then I did & I fell in love. As soon as my daughter was born, I shouted “I want to do it again!” That’s how much I loved it.

During my healing postpartum, I got certified as a doula. In 2022 I started my doula business, focusing as a virtual doula & 1:1 birth mindset coach. I launched my podcast, The Pure Doula Podcast, & have been supporting many women all over.

It is my passion to break the false narrative around birth so you can birth in your power. 
xo, Kathryn.